Accept, Hope, Make Peace

Part of my Advent Meditation was to make a calendar with a verb a day that pertained to the candle of the week. The candle is Hope. Yesterday’s verb was notice (your assignment should you choose to accept it). Today’s verb is accept (should you choose to notice it!)

What made me think about it was the amount of time I (or perhaps also you?) spend lamenting what is. And it’s so easy to stop there. What’s harder for me is to just accept it. As my friend Lenore keeps trying to teach me: It is what it is.

Now what are we going to do about it?

And that’s what acceptance frees us for: Seeing the possibilities. Wondering what we do next.

May your acceptance of the world as it is lead you to a notion of how it could be better. And then may you jump into action… jump into Peace. Because everything goes better with Peace!


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