A River Runs through Peace

Part of the Pink Moon season is snow melt and April showers. Those two things swell my lovely Susquehana and make my favorite drive all the more interesting.

And for some reason, who knows why, I far prefer the ride up the river, although traveling down river is technically just as lovely… since it’s all the same river!

Aren’t humans funny. (Although as I told someone not long ago, one day as I was driving up-river at dusk, the entire river and the valley were filled with sunset rose and it may just have been the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen). I like this, better than that, when both are pure beauty?

Ah, but the river runs and the fish, birds, and animals enjoy it. A friend says she waits to see a brontosauras grazing… and actually, it’s not ridiculous… they used to hang out right there. All those tasty river grasses!

For me, Peace is there. Most of the time, that river is calm, calm, calm. It’s true occasionally it can rage. But so can we all…

I think I need to visit it a bit more often this Spring. See what I can learn from it.

Every day I go there I’m likely to find Peace floating by! I am so grateful!


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