A Film, An Afternoon, Some Peace, llvl

If you know me well, you know I’m not a movie person. If I do go to the movies, pretty much guaranteed to be light and fluffy. Mostly because I can tell myself “it’s just a movie,” all I want, but my brain’s still seeing whatever horrible thing (psychological or physical) that’s happening on screen. Sadly, it’s pretty true with books as well. I don’t have great boundaries, I guess.

And I work hard at those boundaries in my work. And it is work… so, that makes many movies unrelaxing… I know I miss a lot. But we cope the way we can…

And I’m working at keeping my eyes wide open where I am.

Profundity aside, there’s nothing like a great big fluffy, musical to make me happy. Meryl Streep AND Tracy Ullman. Bring it. It’s still a troubling line that Johnny Depp played, especially since they chose to make the child so young… add a younger wolf, and it wouldn’t have been quite so creepy. And they killed the Goddess… which has bothered me ever since I saw it on stage…  Yes I know, I have to see that stuff…

But it sure was fun! Popcorn, a good friend who giggles and a bunch of people I know, and more I don’t, laughing in the audience. Some days, the Joy is all the Peace you need for a day. Everyone needs days to just fill up on silliness and laughter! (Keeping the Sabbath silly!) Peace, baby!


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