Zucchini Peace?

It’s come to this. I’ve just created an analogy between zucchinis and Peacemaking… A bridge too far?

When I said I would write about summer vegetables, I knew I’d have to write about the zucchini… I mean, it’s a constant of the garden box… So I thought, tackle it early in the month and get it done.

People write differently. I’m never exactly sure where I’m going to go with a piece, whether it’s a sermon or a poem. I’m one of those writers who hears from her subjects rather than one who starts with a plan. I write to find out what I think/feel/believe, and then I formulate and format. So there was the lowly zucchini, the butt of so many garden jokes, imparting its wisdom about the importance of versatility and willingness to get along and, oh, by the way, the gift of abundance.

If you live in central PA, people are as likely to be making chocolate cake with this squash as they are ratatouille! Oh, they exclaim it makes the cake so moist. I’m sure it does, but if I wasn’t eating that 15 inch coconut cake at our local diner yesterday, I’m not wasting the calories on zucchini cake! I’ll take mine with sauce, thanks anyway!

I dawns on me as I write this, that versatility and willingness to get along or go along are not always good… it’s up to us… isn’t it always? Nature provides what she does, in this case in great abundance, the question is what do we do with it? So, my dears, wishing you the Peace of the big zucchini!


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