Yesterday the Heat Could be Peaceful, Today We Are On Fire

Looking at Ruby sleeping is a vision of a relaxed and disinterested reaction to the heat. There’s such sweetness and such a profound wisdom in reacting to the heat by chilling out in the shadows.

But today we know the heat kills. For some god-forsaken reasons we’ll never understand, the heat or something allowed 4 officers to take two men’s lives. And then people took the lives of completely unrelated police, who continued to protect and serve.

And somehow, feeling like the worst travesty, although it’s not, it’s not, and I know that it’s not, people are dead, brutally killed by those to protect and serve — but someone, who was formerly a congressman, threatened our President and told him real Americans would be coming for him. Real Americans. Not me presumably. This love I have for my country is not real. Not his president, because the duly elected President is not his president.

I am heartsick.

Today in the cool, I will prayerfully look for words of comfort and exhortation. I will sorrowfully deal with my confusion and pain. I will, however, not be deterred in looking for a path to Peace. Let us pray. Let us weep. Let us mourn. Let us not be seduced by rabid fervor. There is no way to Peace, Peace is the way.



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