Working Water Peace

When I think about water, it’s usually about having a tall, cool drink of it — or getting into it to float or swim (hot for the first, cool for the second!)

I rarely think about it’s importance to our commerce and manufacturing. Much of our country was built on water energy. Across the world, in lands where it’s abundant much still is.

I love looking at water, but living beside it, i don’t often remember how precious it is and how cavalierly we treat it. It is not an endless resource. It cannot clean itself as quickly as we despoil it.

We cannot live without this wonder. It gives us life. You’d think we’d be willing to do the same — but we are a greedy bunch it seems.

First best action? Give up bottled water. Get involved in your municipal water works to insure that your town is both cosseting its water supply and giving its constituency good water to drink.

Learn something about it. Share a glass with a friend — not just because you’re thirsty, but because it is precious.

Water. Wars have been fought over it. Shouldn’t Peace be made with it?


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