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Ecology is the scientific study of organisms and their interaction. Deep ecology looks at the inherent worth of living beings. As the human way of life continues to degrade the environment, we begin to realize that we must begin to weave together the fate of others with our own. It is, perhaps, the only way we can put the breaks on climate change.

But we must look at the human connections as well. Because we’re also allowing them to degrade. World views of the other as outside of me are what allow us to continue to wage war against each other. But we wage such wars against ourselves. We are connected. Families killed in wars are our families. Families killed in natural catastrophes are our families. Families killed in famine are our families. Famines that are caused by us? What sort of horror is that?

People are hungry all over the world. People are hungry in our country for so many economic reasons that are hugely complicated. Some of us are well suited to working at those deep reasons, and to you I say, bravo and go! Others of us can only gather up the money to make a difference right where we are. That is also hugely important. Hungry children are our children and we pay a huge societal price if we do not care for them. I would tell you that we pay a moral and personal price if we don’t, as well.

We need to start (keep on) noticing the connections. We need to start patching up the places they are fraying. Deep Ecology. Deep Societal Ecology. There’s a place for each of us, a connection we are best suited to reweave. Let us make Peace at the frayed edges of Life.


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