Wonder and Peace

It’s morning and time to be about the day! I have a busy day filled with work and pleasure.

I’m going to work today at seeing everything I do as privilege.

I love my job and I’m privileged to do it.

I get to hear wonderful music.

I have dinner with a friend.

All in all, pretty wonderful.

What’s your day look like? How can you turn the conversation in your head from the immense amount of things you need to accomplish — and do you really need to accomplish those things or simply want to — to the privilege of being in life doing wonderful things.

Is laundry wonderful, you ask? Yes. We have clothes and we have a washer and a drier to accomplish a difficult task. And my favorite part of the laundry is the accomplish part. Laundry: you take a big ol’ pile of stuff and turn it into a folder pile of clothes to wear.

So if you have things to finish do that. If you have time to fritter away, do it mindfully. Be present to the day.

See the Wonder in your life. Embrace the Peace.


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