Winter Food; Winter Peace

This time of year, it’s so easy for our taste buds to crave carbohydrates. But no matter the season, we still need our veggies. There are not very many of us who live those heavy labor outdoor jobs that require lots of carbohydrates to get through the day. Then with 29 holidays between Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are ‘way too many reasons for cookies!

Because we’ve had no more than one hard frost, there is still kale growing in my landlord’s garden — and they are so generous with their renter!

There are all sorts of winter vegetables for us to eat… And we should. This salad’s a pretty delightful offer: warm parsnips and pears on arugula. Oh, Yum! And you? What are you eating that’s good for you and incredibly yummy? What are you sharing with a friend and family.

Peace is made by happy, healthy people.


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