Winter Fields of Peace

On the one hand in this picture, this is just another picture of a winter field… stark, but beautiful.

But as I look at it now, as we enter into Winter, I think of the conversations that need to be held in the dark in the months to come.

What does Peace look like — what does it need to look like in the time to come? What has grown well in these fields before? What are people hungry for? What will nurture the people? What will keep us going for the struggle ahead? What will give us delight.

As you know, I’m not a very garden-y person… but we are going to need to sow peace. and we might well need to sow food for eating… what do the fields need to be able to support this?

What will nurture our hearts so that Peace can grow there? That’s really at the base of this analogy isn’t it? And let us remember Peace is a vast, imposing and demanding thing, not something sweet and light… People, get ready…everydaypeacewednesday46nov16


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