Whale Peace Sabbath

They are so large. Huge. And they eat krill. Humpbacks spend the summer eating and then fast for about 9 months. I guess that’s one way to keep your girlish figure!

Even though I understand that in Nature, you are somewhere on the food chain, there is, nonetheless, something very calming and reassuring about this notion. I probably wouldn’t be as sanguine if I’d seen an orca eating a sea lion or a baby humpback, even that while a bit more bloody than a luncheon of herring by a gang of humpbacks, it’s still just how life goes on. And there we were in the sea just mere yards from 14 whales. It was awe-inspiring.

So, may you have a sabbath in which you are at one with nature, and witness to it’s incredible beauty… and may you be at peace.


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