West Coast Sabbath Peace, llvl

Last night we sat at dinner with Steve’s kids and their kids and Steve’s ex and her husband. It was a great dinner in so many ways. First the food. One daughter in particular is a great cook, so yum. One of the sweetest things about marrying Steve, and there are many, is the gift of his family.

But to sit and hear the kids tell stories about growing up was lovely. It was great to hear Steve and Shirley laugh together about life starting out. It’s what family’s meant to be, I think, easy… The two of them are long past their split and their differences and able to remember that they cared for one another. Kids deserve that.

It all made me very happy… particularly watching the littles get doted on by many of their grands. We’re not sure how we missed inviting Gary’s parents, but next time!

I couldn’t help being sad, however, that big assemblies around tables are not really in my family of origin’s future, they’re in my past. We did this a lot — all of us gathered around Deb’s table. So while I was rejoicing in having the crowd there and being part of maneuvering to get everyone together… I was also mourning…

Isn’t that just what life is the richness of today (if you’re being smart and persistent) and the richness of the past. All of that leads to the possibility of a rich future… but in the moment, as I sit here writing with my grandson snuggled in beside me, thinking about last night’s food and laughter and love… I miss Deb (and Betty and Sam) and Deb’s family gathered with Tom’s family in laughter and Peace. Sabbaths to remember. And now? New Families. new Peace. new Work: Got to keep making more sweet Sabbaths! Peace be with us all in our open- and our broken-heartedness..


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