Welcome to Peace Land

I can’t imagine how difficult it is to feel you have no choice about leaving your home.

But if you can’t feed your children, if you have no hope for work and a future, if you are targeted for execution, if your home no longer exists because of war and bombs, then I don’t even think it’s an act of courage as much as an act of resignation and determination to save your life, to save your family’s lives, to be free.

In this case (and in many others, I would argue), there can be no justifiable argument for not opening our doors.

My friends were just here from Sweden. They spoke with great compassion about the fact that more than 1,000 people from Syria and other places are living in their town and what the community is doing to welcome them. And their voices were full of sympathy when they talked about how hard it is for them, and full of joy when they talked about the new stores popping up, and full of derision when they talked about people’s sanctifying culture which changes anyway. We let our fear overcome our hearts… and don’t check to see if the fears are real…

But in the land of Peace, all comers are welcome. Safety and respect are the boundaries we will keep. Peace. Welcome.


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