Watch Both the Beauty and the Moat for Peace

I’ve always loved visiting castle. They seem so romantic in those novels.

But most of them were built to withstand sieges. Those moats weren’t things of beauty (and they often threw the sewage in) but built to drown knits in mail and chain armor.

Additionally, since i have a hard time seeing myself in the midst of a siege, they weren’t clean or comfortable to live in.

And that’s where the romance goes poof for me!

But many of them are beautiful and soar over the towns built around them. Today that’s tourist attraction and history teller. The moats, while free of sewage and knights in white armor… will still as the sign shows you eat cars. So put on your parking break before you settle in for your coffee break.

But all of these things, the danger, the wars, the history, the moat… they all teach us about Peace if we look for the clues. It’s the Peace we want to know about. For me it all leads back to building Peace.

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