Walk Away for Peace

Technology has changed our lives for the better. I love my devices, ‘deed I do.

I love the connection they permit; it’s extraordinary.

I love the processing they do; our lives are opened beyond our understanding by their power to crunch and sort and deliver.

And yet, they are time sucks. I control my phone, ipad, and kindle a bit because I ruthlessly prevent them from anything but certain tasks. But I work most frequently on the laptop… and it’s got rabbit holes galore. They’re gloriously exciting, but rabbit holes lead to warrens from which I emerge only hours later.

It’s so easy to be there and not here, now.

It’s hard to balance. It’s where I do my best work. It’s where I get my best information. It’s also where I am the most easily distracted.

I learn so much there. And yet. And yet. And yet, it is face to face that I get the most accomplished. Unless, of course, it’s not! Ah, it’s the dance on the edge of the sword, isn’t it?

How and where do I give Peace a chance — Peace which is, after all, made between People. Let’s keep dancing. Let’s keep dancing for Peace.


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