Wading Peace Sabbath

I’ve probably watched too many Westerns and read too many stories of people escaping to freedom, but I’ve always been fascinated by the role that water can play in people’s escape from their lives.

I’m sure it wasn’t easy and that these journeys were fraught with desperation and fear, but that water could play a role in saving people is very interesting to me. The notion that water is forgiving of our humanity… I’m drawn to that.

Many of the notions in Christian baptism do not draw me… particularly infant baptism. The notion that we are born in sin, and needful of forgiveness, don’t get me started. And that isn’t quite where I’m going with this either.

This musing concerns itself with the notion that water can hide us… and transform us. Today I notice the tie to the waters of the womb where we transform for the first time and emerge new and newly aware…

It takes determination to wade in the water with an eye to coming out transformed. Whether we’re being pursued or are simply in the need of transformation… It’s a misty Sabbath morning — maybe there’s space to think about this today…


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