Vindaloo Peace!

I’m a huge fan of other kinds of food. I’m a bit squeamish… so I’m not all wow! baby eels or lookee, bugs, but I like a lot of things. I’m also not a huge fan of hot peppers (although give me horseradish any day!)

One of the reasons I wanted Terri to do food is that aside for her eye for what’s beautiful with food, she’s so adventurous. Foods wander from one culture to the next.

I like it when I can do that — wander from one culture to another. And you know i like a gastronomical wander now and again!

Getting to know another culture’s food, beginning to understand how their traditional foods came to be, getting to know people who eat that food enriches your life. And can, won’t necessarily, but can bring you Peace. If you do the work.

As Terri pointed out when she sent this pic, this dish was easy for her to make because our neighbors run Spices Inc, an on line spice emporium. It’s quite amazing! You never know who’s going to show up in a small town, do you?

The advice for the day? Eat good food. Eat good food from other cultures. Share it! Build Peace through fun food and fun friends!


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