Vegetable Peace

We spend so much time during the summer eating the bounty that pours out of the fields. And it is delightful. I lost count of how many odes to a ripe tomato I wrote or recited!

And then the season changes.

Now the tomatoes we have are sauce, dried, or salsa. But some of the summer vegetables are still around. And the fall vegetables have started their long season of giving. Because they’ll be the winter vegetables… and until the cycle starts again, they’ll be the spring vegetables as we keep hauling them out of the root cellars of our lives or the bins of our grocery stores.

Some vegetables make the transition without being preserved. They just change their toppings for something cozier.

Many of us would do well to notice and even emulate the versatility of the zucchini.

Whatever the season, we have to make Peace with where we are. And then we have to make Peace where we are!



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