Until We Know, Peace

There are a lot of fears right now. Few of them feel unjustified, but all of them are unknown…

I will stand firm on my beliefs and proudly beside those who are targeted, but I’m not ready to aimlessly gather to mull around until I know what’s really in the works.

What I will do, every day, is work for Peace. I will focus on neighborliness; on being a good friend. I will step up.

Yesterday, the Mosque 60 miles down the road, received one of “those” letters. It was a hate-filled, ignorant threat. If they organize a rally, I will go. In the meantime, I will stand with my neighbors here — and sit and have coffee, giggle over the silly things in life, pray about the horrors, and educate myself. That’s what I can do. That’s what Peace asks of us. That’s what Love asks of us. I continue to think that we need to learn to be the people who walk each other home.

Peace. Love. Understanding. Let us be those people.


One thought on “Until We Know, Peace

  1. I read a piece about what we can do… perhaps you posted it. I just remember a snippet where a Muslim man said, “Smile at me in the grocery store.” He spoke of feeling as if everyone looks at him as a potential terrorist. I am not one to say “Be perky and smile.” Nope. Not me. BUT, I have been focussing this last year far more on looking a fellow customer in a convenience store, at a restaurant, in a gift shop–looking him or her in the eyes and THEN smiling my hello. Sometimes we kid around. Sometimes it is a small nod in return. Usually there is a relaxing of the face and shoulders and I think that this matters. I KNOW that this matters. It does for me, too! Those small acts of daily life. Thank you, Ann.

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