Uncluttered Sabbath Peace

Our lives are so busy and full.

We have too much on our mind, too much in our lives, too much in our houses and too much in our closets. And too much that we have is jumbled. I’m a prime example! I’m fascinated by people who are organized. My friend Pat has her closet organized by color. I thought no biggie, so do I and then I realized she actually had clothes that weren’t black. Who knew they made colored clothes?

That’s never going to be me. And if I move to live beside Pat, it’ll be because she cooks (and oh! makes me laugh and hug!) not because her organizing will rub off. But that underlying organization helps. It helps you know what you have, what you don’t have and lets you see where you want to stand.

Karen Armstrong said in her “Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui” book that I read about 3 billion years ago that you can’t have new ideas if your bookcases are stuffed full. Fascinating. I got rid of five six-foot bookcases that year and started myself on the journey that led me to my life today. Connected? maybe. I keep lessening the amount of books I hold on to, that’s for certain. And I keep getting more and more adventuresome intellectually. That’s been fun.

And when Deb died and stuff came pouring in, I began an organizing frenzy. And I’ve been keeping it that way… slowly my brain is clearing. But there’s still stuff on my porches and in my basement, and if i keep hacking away at the over and undergrowth I’ll be calmer and life will be sweeter. And that’s encouraging.

So in this sweet lazy inbetween time. For the holiday sabbath, I’m going to get rid of one more box, and maybe one more, and breathe a little easier. What are you going to do? Whatever it is, i hope it’s lovely!



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