Trusting in Our Devotion to Peace

We’re the ones. I don’t know if we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for, but we’re the ones we’ve got. And we aren’t waiting any longer — because people are going to need us.

Are you a refuge? Are you an ally? are you an organizer? Are you a politician? Are you a donor? Are you a good friend? Are you — am I, because these questions aren’t just for you — trustworthy?

It’s going to come down to being a good friend to the world and our country: its peoples, its land, air, and waters, its climate. What kind of world are we going to demand of ourselves? Will it be kind? Will it be just? Will it be one that acknowledges the realities of all people, not simply ourselves?

Oh, I hope so. I’ve said this forever. Now more than ever, let’s Peace. (and Peace means so much more than many think… and we remember: No Justice, No Peace.)


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