Transsexuals. Peace. Love.

Each year, transsexuals, particularly male to female, particularly women of color, are killed. This year, in our country 22 have been killed. Which is an incredibly high number when you realize how few there are who make that journey.

One local church, having just recently completed their journey to become an open and welcoming church has undertaken as their first action in this small area, to hold a vigil.

They posted a sign on their church and now the minister is being harangued by people who know that this is not Christianity.

I’m so proud to be able to support her. So proud to be able to support the people who will dare to speak.

In addition, trans folk try to kill themselves at such high rates because the hatred is so high. How can our fear let us hate, and in hating become such violent ugly people?

It’s easy to see it in others; we must also root it out of ourselves…

If you’re in this Valley, come and stand with us. If you’re somewhere else, go and stand there. Someone’s having a vigil near you.

You can help remember and you can reassure people that there is a place where they are welcome… where love waits with open arms. That your heart is such a place.

Peace. We need to make it.



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