Tomato Sandwich Peace

It’s a day of turmoil and sorrow over here in Bloomsburg… and so I’m leaning on the small, sweet things to get me through the day. Part of what’s odd about letting your sister go is realizing that the traditions you’ve always kept you’ll now be keeping alone.

So, take Peace where you find it, my friends. And make it everywhere you can. When you sorrow, it’s perhaps even clearer that there is no place for separation. The love pouring in from Face Book and email is amazing… love from people I do not know and that my sister does not know. People are walking these journeys everywhere. I think of people in war zones who need desperately to know that we understand their sorrow. Reaching out hands and hearts around grief is a very sweet gift. I thank you for the love. I reach out my heart to you, and I rejoice in your prayers for our well-being.

And now… i think I need a tomato sandwich…


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