Toad of Truth

It is a universally accepted truth that doing something silly will diffuse most stressful situations involving children. In fact the more foolishly you behave the more successful you will be. Tonight the “Toad of Truth” visited at bed time. The “Toad of Truth” is me in a hat that is part of a Toadstool mushroom costume from the Super Mario Bros. video games. This visiting Toad had the ability to answer two questions per child. Toad of Truth also happened to have an interesting accent (accents always help).

Bringing out the toad in me was not planned. The kids were having a hard time accepting that it was bedtime and I saw the hat on the floor and went with it. The fact that the hat was on the floor could have reminded me that I need to clean the boys room but I am far too creative for such thoughts. Instead Toad of Truth was born to ease bed time stress.

“Toad of Truth” will likely make future appearances at the Curley house and beyond. I am thinking he would be great for doctor visits and even some pre-surgery silliness! Nicholas’s born Fibular Hemimelia has created lots of moments in which distraction is not only useful but necessary. Therefor having a trick to pull out of my hat (or a hat trick to pull on) is always a good thing.

If you’ve ever wheeled your child into surgery then you know what I mean. Those moments are some of the most vivid and heart wrenching memories I have. Watching your child go under anastesia is not easy for anyone. Being calm for Nicholas is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do but it is vital! I want him to be in a peaceful frame of mind before surgery if at all possible. Now I have “Toad of Truth” to add to my distraction repertoire.

Distraction is not a new trick I know. Please feel free to comment and share your own techniques. But be warned according to the “Toad of Truth” nothing tops the Toad!

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