The Priestess went to camp this summer. It was extraordinary. I’ve been putting off writing about it as I wanted to get it “just right.” But then I realized, I could write a lot of blogs about camp. ThinkPeaceWorkshop for Girls is the brainchild of Kelly HImsl Arthur and Liz Overheul Curry. Two moms with girls, thinking about Peace. Two moms wanting to raise a new generation of Peace Warriors.

I found TPW on twitter and followed. We followed a traditional cyber-courtship model… follow, like, post, invite, engage! And before you know it Kelly and I and then Liz and I were in FB heaven. And then we emailed. and now? now we’re friends!

They’re doing such wonderful work, offering girls the opportunity to think beyond middle school and senior high activities. These girls are thinking about Peace. They’re thinking about girls and the challenges they face in other countries. They’re thinking about (and doing about) becoming part of the solution rather than one more nonchalant part of the problem.

If you’ve been following my posts, you know that I don’t approach living close to nature with anything other than trepidation… so, I surprised myself when I asked: “Can I come?”

But Kelly said yes, and off I went (and I got my nature in small doses!), and it was extraordinary. Four adults, two young women and 16 girls. Writing, Stretching, Listening, Cooking, Learning, Goofing Off, Getting Serious. Peace begins with a girl. and girls began to envision that they might be that Peace-Beginning Girl, each and every one.

Can’t do it justice in one post. More to follow. Speaking of following… you can find them on FB and become a fan of sweet young girls becoming sweet Peacemakers!

Hats off to Kelly and Liz! Get to know them. And then get busy making Peace as only you can make it.

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