The Sweet Peace of Completion

Some tasks just really require completion.  You have to be orderly about them. They have to be done in a certain order. And if you skip the details, you pay more.

Ah… suddenly details are a much more attractive prospect for me!

And my system encourages me… If I procrastinate, I have to get something else done that I’ve been, er, shall we say, postponing.

So by the end of my tax days, my house is in order AND I’ve completed my tax preparation. Big check.

Wasn’t Connie, the lady who called to remind me that today was my appointment, surprised that I was so pleased to hear from her. “I know you’re delighted,” she caroled. Well, actually I was. I had just finished the last tittle and jot. Done. So we giggled.

Giggling is a good end to any project. I had a little energy left, so the finish project mode continued a bit. There’s Peace in a job that’s done! And I’ll take it!

Have a good one.

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