The Spices of Peace

What does Peace taste like do you suppose?

I’m sure it tastes like many things… so many more things than we know… and it’s p to us to learn what Peace tastes like in our mouths.

Peace is an adventure. I’ve always felt it was about sharing food — but then I tend to like adventures in eating. But I hadn’t really considered that it was the different spices.

Thinking about this makes me consider that I need to go down and throw out all the spices in my house and start again with a very few. It might be time to explore what peace could taste like. To learn a dish from where each of my friends live… or their families came from. You learn so much about one another.

And to learn that spices are precious, to be used, not acquired and stored improperly on shelves for years and year…

Oh, I think there are a mountain of metaphors here, if I’m willing to ponder…

But what if Peace were spicy and delicious, not bland and middle of the road? What if it weren’t the lowest common denominator, but the highest art? What if our goals for Peace were grand?

Things to consider! Peace, my friends.



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