The Sacrament of Relaxation and the Peace It Offers

What is it about our world that confuses relaxation with sloth. I have no idea who thought it should be confused with sin. no, no, no. It’s a sacrament!

If you don’t stop; you don’t appreciate the beauty of what’s around you or the preciousness of this very moment.

It is good to work. Then it is good to just relax. Sometimes alone. Sometimes with friends.

I love Dagny’s picture. I particularly love it because she’s been working very hard these last few years and finally has some time off and she looks so relaxed in this pic! Hurrah! Let’s hear it for the Peace of the moment.

Note to self: No relaxing for you right now. I’m putting this out the night before so I can get up early on the 1st for our Church’s Yard Sale. You have NEVER seen such a thing! I’ll look to find the Peace in the chaos and the friends and the solvency it brings.

However you’re finding your Peace — find it! Make it! Be it!


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