The Priestess is In!

Welcome to my blog at the Sacred Village. This site has been designed to offer tools and resources for engaging in the work of making communities stronger, saner, healthier and a whole lot more fun. I wanted to spend some time with you musing about not only what might be done, but what’s being done all over the world.

It’s pretty clear that governments are not necessarily well-set-up to create Peace. Too much of our media is focused on what’s wrong and how folk harm one another. As long as we focus on the horrible — and I know, we need to know what’s going on — that’s what we’ll find when we look, more horrible things. You know what? Let’s shake it up! We’re just going to have to take Peace into our own hands and go about building stronger communities and a better world. I’ll spend less time on the massive projects and more on the little things that neighbors decide to do for their neighbors, whether they’re here or across the world.

I’ll be telling a lot of stories about my part of the Global Village, here in the beautiful Susquehanna River Valley. I’ll share great quotes and wonderful pictures. Why don’t you write and tell me about what’s changing and making a difference in your part of the Global Village? I’ll put it up for the world to read! Let’s talk about making schools work and hearts dance. Let’s hear who’s planning gardens and who’s feeding their community.

My friends, together, let’s get busy “Building a World of Peace, Village by Sacred Village.

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