The Peace We Have to Offer

In a world awash in violence and carelessness, what do we do? How are we Peacemakers?

I don’t know what to do about Daish or Boko Haram. I don’t know what to do about Oil spills. I am aghast at the ugliness of our political process. I watch what happens in the world in sad horror.

Yesterday was one of those days where I felt helpless. I couldn’t focus on the stuff I do do and can do, I could only see the spots where loving hands and peaceful hearts are not, as yet, having an impact. I don’t have money to give and I don’t know how effective petitions are, although i sign them, religiously — in every sense of that word!

Someone asked the other day, when talking about unemployment, the need for retraining (which means the need for a community college that is accessible and affordable), and the need for new organizations, when do we teach people to fish. It’s hard not to hear that as a reproach. But I have to remember, that our small community can’t change these things. that’s not our mission. We can agitate for it, and maybe some of our members can engage in that, but our community can do what we do best: gather money for backpacks and hygiene products, support local charities and help our migrant workers.

Aside from that, I can stay informed. I can mourn the horror. And I can work hard at kindness. Every day. Because it matters. Every day Peace. Every day.


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