The Peace of Winter Beauty

This process I’m engaged in, the daily writing and this year the daily reacting to images, is fascinating. I’ve had people say I don’t know how you decide what to write every day.

Some days I make a conscious decision. But often the picture really does say what about this… or the person taking the picture suggests it.

But I was surprised by my reaction to the icicles. I love icicles. as a child i loved those winters when there were lots and you would knock one down and suck on it like a lollipop. (yeah, can you say asbestos shingles, anyone?)

But there i was, looking at them, and then i thought about its being my anniversary today and then Rumi’s poem was in my head and i was writing the poem. Icicles and marriage. Icicles and peace…

It’s a good question to ask myself, do I dare to Peace in my Love? When I say it’s so important in other parts of life? Do any of us dare?

I find it especially poignant when I look at a world that is in such desperate need of Peace and Love. So can I start at home? Do I?

Peace. Icicles. Yep. “Stand together, but not too near together.”


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