The Peace of Water that Wears

When you think of water in reservoirs or lakes, you so often think of water that is. And the ocean seems to endlessly offer and take away. It’s only when there are storms that we really notice it’s power for destruction.

But in little streams making their way down mountains, they slowly change the world. They’re persistent and tireless. They don’t care that it will take them millennia to carve their way through rock, they just trickle steadily over it and past whatever’s in their way.

Sooner or later, you look and everything is different.

I believe that’s how we need to be with Peace. We just need to drip life-giving force on situations so that life changes. Because let’s not forget, Water (and Peace) are life-giving. They are both life-changing. So let us protect the water and let us be about the work of Peace.


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