The Peace of Three Sisters

I was late yesterday getting to my musing. It had been a challenging day. Off to the cancer doc with my sister in the morning and the news is not good. We’re working and waiting to understand what hope will look like as the situation develops. Strange how a limbo changes from hell to a large and hopeful plane… At the same time I was needing to focus to write a funeral for a member’s beloved father. Focus wasn’t coming easily and all the hours at the doc made me aware of a low level panic in the back of my mind.

I’m actually not much of a procrastinator and perfectionist. I’m more of a mediocre and done and then exhale and polish kinda girl. So finishing the night before is difficult for me and feels disrespectful to the family, but then you do what you can. And Deb has been very sick. And she is very sick. Although a short-term treatment may have helped her feel better and may allow her to have more options… whatever your choices, options are what you want. Choosing is powerful.

Her short-term treatment was a vast relief for those of us who love her who have seen her plummet down hill in the past week. By last evening she was walking without the walker and had color in her face. And I had a bit of space and relief to write.

But having finished the funeral, there was the musing. I could skip a day I suppose. In these instances, people would understand. But I find the writing fulfilling and completing. But what to write about? I’d had corn for dinner… did I write about corn? I’d started to, but then I thought wait, what were the Three Sisters? These three plants were the staples in a Mezzo-American Agricultural. It spread over much of North America with a few changes.

In addition to making a full protein and giving us lots of essential vitamins and minerals, they care for one another. OK, that’s a bit of anthropomorphism… But they give one another what they need. It was an important message for me as I consider how to care tenderly for my sister, whom i love, giving her what she needs not what I and a thousand of her well-meaning friends believe she needs. So there are three sisters teaching me what they know… do what you do best. Thanks, Sacred Girls. It helps to have mentors and role-models.


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