The Peace of Short Days

I love the long night and the quiet whether starry or quiet. But I also love the short days.

Days like today when the air is crystalline and the skies are hard and distant and diamond bright. Days like yesterday when the skies are soft and cloudy and they come right down into the forest. Days when the mist dances frosty in the air. I like days when it snows, too, but we don’t seem to be having a lot of that.

People keep caroling that the light is coming back, but it’s so incremental so as not to be noticeable. Dwell in the dark a bit. Heal. Reflect. Get stronger. There’s a hard journey ahead. Let’s not go until we’re ready and by ready I mean prepared.

Everyone wants to be going, doing. There’s a time to take stock and to simply be.

Now is the time to be. Breathe in the Quiet. Breathe in the Peace. Breathe out your disappointments. Be in Peace.


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