The Peace of Fields of Grain

Many people these days are growing gardens. So they watch their lettuce, beans and peas grow. And it’s marvelous and miraculous.

But fields of wheat and huge agricultural fields of a variety of commercial crops are exponentially different than small gardens.

We’re learning a lot more about both labor and fields as we get to know one migrant family in particular and other migrant families in general through work our congregation is doing with our local education Intermediate Unit.

Those large fields of grain and vegetables feed a nation. The fields and those who care for them should be well tended. We probably should pay more for our bread so that people who work the fields earn more at this back breaking work.

We should also pause (at least mentally!) as we drive by these majestic fields and give them their due. Fields full of amber waves of grain are something to behold. And they nurture us. Oh, we give thanks!

There is Peace in a well filled belly that those of us who have never gone hungry do not understand. Perhaps we should try… we might be more generous toward those who have no daily bread…



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