The Peace Between, llvl

In my mind, I separate the peace we find in our souls with the Peace we make in our world. I don’t believe you have to peace (little p) to be working on Peace (big P). I fear that, too often, we’ve substituted the pursuit of our own calm and beautiful center for our struggle for the well-being of the world.

That said, we can’t neglect ourselves either. Life is here to be lived in. Selflessness is overrated, I believe. Selflessness does not often embrace the richness of life, and what a crime that is. So it’s a balancing act…

Some people don’t find flying easy either. The first time I flew in a big plane, I got on in NY and got off in Sweden. I was hooked. New worlds at the end of flying. (The first time I flew in a little plane there was The Sound of Music at the end… who knows where my friends took me.) So who didn’t want to fly. I’ve almost always flown alone. And that’s lovely for me. And flying with Steve is a fairly solitary event, since as soon as he gets on a plane, he drowses… and I’m back in my little world. Just me and a brand new book with a fun place at one end and a fun place at the other. Well, hopefully. Not all my flights have been to fun destinations, but most of them have been to Love…

This country is so vast and so diverse in the landscape. And there we are in our little silver tube sliding along. It somehow feels very like being part of the river moving from a source to a delta… at least for me.

I suppose this is particularly true because when you fly between Love, life is busy on either end and flying is solo and silent and rejuvenating… and somehow so very hopeful. So, even if I have a hard time getting my clock reset. Even if there were a billion people to see and not a lot of downtime there and a billion things to do and not a lot of downtime here and those wonderful things are my Life and my Work… in between, I’m part of that lovely silver river of Silence, sliding under the bridge… and then, time for Peace and Peace Work again. Counting those blessings…


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