The Other Side of Moon Peace

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m amazed about what never crosses my mind.

So, wow… the dark side of the moon waxes and wanes.

NASA has gone to the trouble of putting together a time-lapsed video. It’s pretty cool.

Just as I never thought of the oh-not-so-dark side of the Moon, there are huge pieces of Peace I never considered either. The good news is that this means there are more steps we can take, there are more ways we can begin to make a difference.

There’s more value than I ever dreamed possible in seeing the other side… I’ve never had huge urges to do things (climb mountains for instance) just because they were there. But perhaps Peace cares more about what is needed than what I want… or you want. It simply wants to manifest — and it needs our help. So come on, my fellow bears and chickens… let us go over the mountains and cross the roads… Peace awaits. And NASA just blew the I’m too lazy, I don’t wanna excuse outta the sky… Strength of resolve, strength of character, strength of purpose are needed to be about this hard and delicate work. And Love. I think it needs Love.



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