The March of Peace

Well, it took three days of writing the Peace of March before it dawned on me that I was also writing about the march of Peace. I don’t know whether I’d thought about it before, but March is perhaps the month most in motion. The wind blows, the plants sprout, the ice breaks up. For most of us a longing is born to get out there in the world, to sit in the sunshine, to dig in the garden, to walk in the woods or the town.

That makes March the perfect month to catapult your Peace dream from the drawing board to the world. Time for those first tentative steps. I’m trying, (and talk about fits and starts and not knowing exactly how to do what I want to do) to raise money for two small projects in Staten Island. Poor, poor Staten Island, devastated by Superstorm Sandy. I’ve never done fund raising before, and I’m trying on a grand scale (why start small?). But the money’s really only the by-product, much needed and well appreciated to be sure. What I’m really trying to do is to get 1,500 people involved in making a difference in their neighbor’s lives. These neighbors may be 200 miles away, but they’re neighbors nonetheless.

And you? where’s your entrance to the Peace Road? Your walking may be slow and tentative, but it still counts. You’re on the Great Peace March. We’re walking toward life’s being easier, better, kinder, sweeter, more just for everyone involved. Let’s go, but on your good walking shoes and get involved in Life.


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