The Lunacy of Peace Bridges

A friend said after watching Selma she thought we needed to strengthen our bravery muscles. As I thought about it, I realized I thought it was our conviction muscles we really needed to strengthen. And our community muscles because in the long run, I think it was those two things that got people across that bridge.

Bravery sometimes makes us run into the fire without planning. But conviction and community help not only give us the courage to walk but also the strategies that make success markers most attainable.

You think “I don’t know what makes you walk into dogs and batons with barbed wire on them”… But the questions are more complex…

How do we experience the world’s taking away our humanity? When are we willing to say enough? How many children have to be killed for people to rise up?

And are today’s communities supporting that response to injustice? And if not why not?

And do people understand why and how communities can help? Because people belong to fewer and fewer communities. And we don’t know the benefits of being part of them. World change being one. Even at high cost. world change.

Do we understand we’re the ones who hold world change? That social action depends on us?

Peace is in our hands, just across that bridge. Do we have the determination and the strategy to get there?

These are the questions for the consolidation time of the Moon… not just what would be wonderful to do, but what do we need to do to get those things done? And thinking about the era of Selma, what songs do we need to be singing together to lend our hearts courage? A lot of questions… a lot of work to be stepped up to… Peace.



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