The Goats of Peace

They’re so goofy those goats. Happy. Most of the time. Although on all occasions decline to step between Mr. Goat and the ladies. Also, stand up-wind of Mr. Goat when he’s interested in the ladies. He has rather odd courting behavior.

But they’re beautiful and funny and curious. And when when goat is curious, the whole trip of goats wants to know. That could also have been a tribe, a flock, a drove, a herd, but trip, that’s sorta what they do if you’re in their way while they’re trying to look at something. Or feed them.

Well, now we’ve all learned something fun to start the day off, Beware the trip of goats!

But enjoy them as well, because they really are funny and friendly. When my friend EG is home, she often has a goat in her arms. “Love me!” they demand, and she does. And who wouldn’t?

Here’s to a wonderful day and the Peace of a drove of Goats. And a lot of happy hopping. Everyone’s got to feel better when they’re hopping, eh? And we’d all look ridiculous, it might be the great leveler. And when we realize that we laugh at the same thing, there is Peace in that, is there not?


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