Tarot Reading for 2012 – How People of Passion and Spirit Can Transform the World

I’ve never tried anything like this. Wanted to do a reading that I could send out in tweets. It was a challenge to capture the meaning and also the passion of the cards. Such a strong reading. So much we can do… if we choose. and isn’t that always the question! Do we choose to be the people who make the world a better place. I’m in. Are you with me? Here’s how the reading went!

How will people of power and inspiration do at making their world better in 2012? Tarot reading w/ Thoth Deck. Modified Gypsy Cross. Watch!

OK! 14 cards: 8 major wisdom, 1 face card. 2 releases of long-term patterns of holding back. The universe is ready. Will we take the risks?

Atmosphere: XVI The Tower—Restorer, Healer, Renovator. Need to constantly eliminate that which is false. Talents w/ structures of ideas.

Question: VIII Adjustment—Mediator, Arbitrator. One who loves simplicity, clarity, fairness, balance. Research best possible change.

Covering: 10 of Cups Satiety—emotional contentment, satisfaction and peace that comes from within. Energy and passion to do the work at hand.

Crossing: 4 of Discs(Pentacles) Power—We have the tools we need if we use all our gifts: body, mind, spirit & heart. We have both the strength & will.

First Insight: A mighty wind will blow bringing in major change. We have the power & peace of mind to clarify, balance & seek solutions.

Crowning: 3 of Discs (Pentacles) Works—The lens through which we look at the world acknowledges: We’re willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

Below: XII Death—Releaser, Eliminator, Expander. We stand on new ground created by the death of constriction. We move toward transformation.

Behind: 5 of Discs Worry—We’ve finally decided to stop fretting & start doing! Now is the time. What we need will come. Release fear; embrace hope.

Before: V The Hierophant—Teacher, Counselor, Consultant. A new structure will be created, committed to community, family & cooperation. (immediate future, looking good!)

Second Insight: Very strong indication that new community will be built on the ashes of the past. Release our fear & step into possibility.

Self Reflection: 5 of Swords Defeat—At last! We’re ready to give up second guessing ourselves and move into more passionate & creative existence.

From Outside: 0 The Fool—One who walks without fear. Others see us as fearlessly going where we are needed, certain we will be sustained.

Hopes/Fears: IV The Emperor—Builder, Doer, Visionary. The choice is ours: Build a community that serves the people, or shut our hearts down.

Third Insight: We can believe what is true & valiant & courageous about ourselves & act on it. Or we can defeat ourselves. Choose life.

Future 1: Prince of Discs—Architect. We’re going to build us a beautiful, abundant world! Steel-like determination to move past obstacles.

Future 2: 8 of Swords: Interference—We can give up over analysis. Or we can stop ourselves in our tracks with our thinking & rethinking. Choose life!

Future 3: VII The Chariot—Generator, Motivator, Traveler. Gifted in setting ideas & projects into motion; bringing others along, moving fast!

4th Insight: Don’t think, go w/ the flow—Build the world that’s needed & engage the community. We are the passionate transformers. Let’s go!

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