Love and Peace in your Young-Old Years

It’s a risk to marry at a point in your life where you are so much yourself. It’s hard to make a place¬† in your life for a lover. I remember my friend Carolyn saying as she was falling in love with Jim, he’s fabulous, but is there any reason he has to have stuff? Why yes, that’s one reason Steve and I live in the same town and not the same house! Drums! Books!

The thing about Steve that tempted me into marriage at this age was not simply that he was someone I loved… although I do. It is that his passion for music is so huge, so much a piece of him, that I knew there would be room for my own passion for social justice and community. And there is.

It’s bumpy, of course it is. Two people used to having themselves and their work at the center of their lives are not the easiest bedfellows. But two people, each reflecting the other’s work… it’s a great thing.

Marriage anytime, but especially as you become more clearly you,¬† takes a lot of ego. It takes a lot of strength… It definitely takes Love to lead to Peace. Peace is a moving target! But the journey goes on from here…