The Sweet Yes of Peace

It’s not that learning to say no isn’t important. It is. It is particularly important for women as we negotiate a world that has laid claim to our bodies. No, sorry, you can’t have this. This belongs to me.

But there are so many places in the world where we say no instinctively. I’m not about that. I’m not for that. I don’t like that. And we say it so easily, we forget to say yes! I’m all about this! I want this. I’m moving toward this!

I’ve read that the brain doesn’t recognize no. So when we say “no hatred” it sees hatred. So we have to learn to say “Yes!” “Yes I will!” Yes, I can!” “Yes, I believe that.” “Yes, I stand for that.”

So, Peace. How do I stand for Peace today? Every day? How do I fashion my life to celebrate what matters in my life. How do I spend my time on FB celebrating the possible rather than the ridiculous. It’s not easy. But it is my chore for next year.

I want to stop whining about what life is not and start making it what life might be. I want to stop wishing away beautiful days because they’re not this season or that. I want to celebrate life where it is. Everyday. Peace. Yes. I hope you’ll join the journey.