Yakking in Peace

I admit, I looked it up last night, I looked it up again this morning. Does yakking, when talking about talking, have a c… it seems it may or may not. So, I’ll stand with this.

If ever there were a picture of two guys yakking, this is one!

Two gentle guys, always with a point of view, always happy to be together, catching up on the news. They’re probably talking about music… there’s definitely music happening…

We never see enough of our friends, do we? We never can have enough of these conversations. And we can never have enough of these friends. There’s always room for at least one more. Making new friends is a slow but effective way toward Peace.

I’m not completely sure whether yakking is a way to Peace or a sign of it. Or both. But it makes me happy… I wish you the Peace of Good Friends to yak with.