Procrastinate for Peace or Get Busy?

Spring is one of those times, isn’t it? Either you’re filled with energy and absolutely ready to tear into things, it’s cold and damp and you’d rather do nothing at all productive, or it’s lovely and you can’t consider doing anything other than enjoying the moment. Procrastination, done right, can be a completely endeavor. It’s gotten a bad rap, i think… Sometimes it’s just important to look around and be amazed. Spring is a time for wonderment! Just look at what’s pushing up through that soil and out the ends of buds. Notice! Appreciate! (big words for darn, just stop and stare!) And maybe, just a bit, imitate!

And allergies aside, because for some of us they’re fierce this time of year, this is a moment to come back to life. Everything around you is doing it, why wouldn’t you?

Today’s world is crazed and sometimes very ugly. As we reawaken, let us do so with Peace at the center of our thinking and living. We are the ones. We are. And everyone deserves Peace. That will only happen if some of us start the process.

So whether you’re cozying up with the last of the tea in the pot or out in the garden getting it ready for planting… make Peace your constant companion.

A Cup of Tea for Peace?

There is nothing sweeter than a bit of a gossip over a cup of tea.

What is going on in your life? The answers come out and go down so much more smoothly over a shared cup of warmth in some cozy, comfy spot. And on a cold day? Even more lovely!

Sometimes life really is that simple. Sometimes something sweet fixes what ails you. Put the kettle on for Peace.