Peace Symbols — Resting in Peace

Many of us where symbols of our tradition on our persons. When we die they adorn our graves. In the past our graves have been kept separately… Religion from religion and sometime sect from sect.

In the town my brother in law grew up, The Catholics and the Protestants are on one side of the road. The Methodists and the Lutherans have driving paths between them…

Too often our symbols pronounce you’re not like me — which in some ways means you’re not of my heart, my flesh. But you are. Huh… so, Ann are you beginning to develop a theology about cemeteries? Are you beginning to think that we should lay down together, jumbled together in eternity as we are in life?

I know that that’s an anathema to some traditions. And I’m simply feeling my way forward — and really I care more how we jumble up in life. How i sit with you and know you as my friend? That is the work of life, isn’t it? and then together to be friends to the rest of the world and to Mother Earth?

May our symbols remind our hearts of the work we are called to do or even if we will the way we were called to live. May we live in Peace. and when it is all over, may we die into the Peace of our Mother Earth…

Oh, and the fairy crosses? found in Georgia and Virginia. Not surprisingly, they have legends surrounding them.