Pups for Peace

Pups make Peace with every moment, don’t they?

They’re such good role models. Look, here we are and life is grand!

There was one of those sad stories on FB about a dog who had been brought to the animal shelter. Two months went by and the dog just got sadder and sadder. They posted the sad tale. You looked at the dog and wondered, will he ever recover if he does get a new home. (I refuse to say re-homed… whatever the hell does that mean… somehow making up for deserted?)

And then a couple days later there were pictures of him going home with his new Mom. It’s such a lovely story, he’s going to get to go to work at a nursing home and make lots of people happy. Sure there may be problems in this pups future, but at the moment, riding home in the car with the new person, the dog looks happy. Doggone happy! That look at how everything’s right with my world happy.

It’s hard to argue with. Whether or not you want to live with dogs, It’s always a good idea to know a couple who are glad to see you coming.

It’s also good to remember to be a bit more like them. After all, it’s not as if dogs don’t sense when something’s off. But the rest of the time? They’re all, “ok… here we go! Isn’t this great? Look food, let’s eat! And oh, what a great place for a nap!”

Both the keeping an eye out and then the joyous giving of self to the moment are great characteristics for Peace. Be like a pup… Find the Peace that’s right in front of your eyes and live into it. And occasionally look at someone like they hung the Moon! it makes life sweeter! Embrace the moment! Embrace the Joy! Embrace the Peace!