Peace Pilgrimage

We need places to go. We need places to take ourselves off to that give us respite.

Too many of us are sitting around with rocks in our guts as our government freewheels around us.

We need to figure out how to draw back, draw in. Where to find ourselves a place that soothes and comforts us in the midst of the work to be done. Inspire means to breathe in… it’s the opposite of expire… Breathe in Life. Find new ways of being creative and dogged and persistent.

There’s a lot of work to be done. Peace is not easy. It’s not that it’s not worth our work, it’s just not easy. Take a break. Celebrate life. And then come back and care for it. Come back and get to (Peace) work.


Puffballs of Peace

Dandelions. Once the most hated lawn weed, not elevated to hero status. The bees love them. So do birds. And who knows who else. But the bees. The bees we’ve almost driven to extinction — partially by our lawn care products — love dandelions and are encouraged by their existence. hurrah.

No more sending kids out with senseless weapons (did anyone ever come back from an encounter with a lawn full of dandelions without blisters and at least one stick wound?).

The dandelions were fierce in their determination to stay. Maybe we should have listened to them rather than developing chemicals to extinguish them.

What if we let ourselves stand for Peace like those determined bursts of brilliant color? What if we were useful in every way, doing one kind of work at one point and another kind at another. What if we were persistently cheerful and called others to our assistance working hard to make the world beautiful? What if we could shake our heads and disseminate Peace seeds in every direction, rest a bit and come back and do it again?

Let us be dandelions for Peace, cheerful, persistent, prolific, profligate, even! They offer such great lessons! We can learn them! Let them proliferate and teach more of us… and oh, take care of the bees.