Dormant Dreams of Peace

We rise and fall with the seasons… but when we’re focused and involved, even during the off seasons, our project is only dormant, not dead. It’s important to give fields and dreams a time to lie fallow, and so necessary to put them back to work. Fields of dreams — it’s important that we have them.

And/but… it’s so easy to let go. Our dreams have seasons, but unless we truly renounce them, we need not to just let them molder. It’s a choice… to believe we’re worthy of our Peace dreams and they are worthy of our investment.

Pete, my friend who took today’s photo, sends me provocative choices as she decides what fields to send. And so does everyone in the group. 5 weeks into the project, there have been one or two curves each week. It’s a lovely challenge; I feel so privileged. Who gets to do this? lucky, lucky me!


Jars of Peace Dreams

This is what we need isn’t it. For each of us to have a jar filled with Peace dreams that are invisible to the rest of the world, but oh so clear to us. We can share our dreams with others, but they can only see part of them… We can work to make them come true which gives others the chance to work with us on those dreams…

The deepest sweetness will always be for us to uncover.

Let us dream of Peace and protect them carefully in our Jars of Dreams. And bit by bit, step by careful step, let us make them come true.