Seeing the Peace behind the Mist

A misty day on a river is one of my favorite things. Whether it’s the mist dancers of late Winter or the heavier fogs of late Summer, I love to see it. And ooh, in the summer I love to swim in it… I find it incredibly beautiful.

The mist obscures things, it’s true. And we have to be patient, waiting for the real picture to be revealed.

And people use the mist to cover up their actions. And somehow we have to work through that.

It all takes patience. Peace takes patience. Justice takes patience. I guess the patience is the growing up part of learning to see what’s really there. And in the meantime? Enjoy the beauty.


Patience in Peace

What I love about this photo is not just the pelican’s patience, it’s her readiness as well.

Waiting is an active rather than a passive state.

In this bird’s case, she’s fully prepared. She’s trained a life-time to fish. She’s in shape, she’s prepared and probably neither happy nor unhappy in the waiting.

Some of us may be prepared for action. Others of us might do well to spend the time getting in shape, mentally, physically, spiritually, for the work that lies ahead of us. The way to Peace is always hard… and sometimes you need to sit back and exhale and wait until it’s time… But it’s not a great thing when the time comes and you’ve nodded off. Whether you’re fishing or working for Peace, you want to be ready.

Patience. Peace. They are well-acquainted.